Mew Langton Cup 1st Round

The Mew Langton Cup 1st Round matches are due to be played on 23rd January 2020, at a venue to be confirmed.

All players to be signed in and ready to start at 8.30pm.


All matches are best of Seven Legs.    Home players to supply cards and boards.


1 Elaine & Chris Williams (Shirley Cons) Vs Paul Kimber & Mike Martin (Salterns Wm)
2 Michael Spencer & Dave Callaway (Soton Old Bowl) Vs Tim Andrew & Gary Shawyer (Totton Cons)
3 Ron Chalke & Eugene McWilliams (Bitterne Park) Vs Roy McGranaghan & Dave Parker (Bitterne Park)
4 Roger Charlesworth & E Walden (C/Ford Central) Vs Julie & Dave Welch (Soton Old Bowl)
5 A Mines & W Todd (E/Leigh Rail) Vs Pete Dance & Ray Bush (Totton Rec)
6 Justin Rogerson & Gary Hunt (Nursling Soc) Vs Sue Patterson & Sarah Durrant (Acorn Soc)
7 D Hawkins & M Stephens (E/Leigh Rail) Vs LizYoung & Wendy Scott (Soton RBL)
8 Marcel Leverdier & John Sullivan Jnr (Soton RBL) Vs Marilyn Gravell & Lynne Montgomery (Locksheath S&S)
9 Fred Emery & Roy Cotton (Bitterne Park) Vs Darren Andrews & Alan Chalk (TottonCons)
10 Charlie Ford & Angus Jacobs (E/Leigh Rail) Vs Paula Long & June Spencer (Soton Old Bowl)
11 Eddie Fleat & Sue Weaver (Bitterne Park) Vs Bill Brown & Gary Williams (C/Ford Central)
12 Bob Patterson & Trev Burgess (Acorn Soc) Vs Mark Hunt & Tony Challis (Nursling Soc)
13 Bob Roach & Dusty Rhodes (Nursling Soc) Vs Ron Davidson & Brian Stubbs (Nursling Soc)
14 Mike Eade & Dave Riley (St Denys Cons) Vs Den Kirby & Ken Whittington (Soton RBL)
15 BYE Vs Chris Holland & Andy Brooke (Nursling Soc)
16 Penny Futcher & Charlie Pearce (Locksheath S&S) Vs Jan Merridew & Dave Smith (Nursling Soc)


If you are unable to play on this date, your match must be mutually arranged, played and recorded with the Games Secretary at least three days before the above venue date.

To claim a walk over you must in any event be present at the respective venue on the above date.

Result cards to be handed to the official at the end of the evening.